About Scott Bricklin

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     I've been a musician and singer/songwriter since before I was old enough to remember to remember that one day I might have trouble remembering. Recording engineer and producer/arranger came later.
        I've ridden the highs, survived the lows, and tried to do my best for the rest.
The facts and figures are listed below. But the important details are in the songs. I've played many shows and many roles WITH many people FOR many people for many years. Some, but not all, are mentioned in the facts and figures. 
        No need to chop down a tree (or small branch maybe?) to include my personal propaganda (reviews and press, etc…) in this package.  I would have only included the good ones anyway. 
        Thanks for checking me out. For anyone interested in more, please listen to the CD's and please visit scottbricklinmusic.com and catch a little more of the story when you can.

        Here are the facts and figures (or at least, things I've done that I presently remember). 
 1979–1984 Touring and recording with “The Schoolboys”. Records released in the U.S.A (Playboy Records), Canada (Stony Plain), and England. The Schoolboys won Playboy Magazine’s Street Rock Contest and released a song on the compilation record that followed. The band received regional radio rotation and regularly played legendary Philadelphia clubs like "J.C. Dobbs". 
 1985–1989 Touring and recording with “Bricklin”. Vinyl, Cassettes and CD’s released (A&M Records) produced by Neil Dorfsman. (Sting, Dire Straits, Paul McCartney). The band also had the song “Walk Away” produced by Bill Drescher (The Bangles, Rick Springfield) in the movie "Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure". The band received regular rotation on national radio. 

  1989–1996 Touring and recording with “Martin’s Dam”. Releasing the CD “The Healing” (Redemption) and “Sky Above” (Hybrid/Sire). Martin’s Dam worked with Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel), and Mitchell Froom (Crowded House, Los Lobos, Suzanne Vega) placing songs in many movies such as "Election" and "Coming Soon". The band received regular rotation on national radio. 
 1996-2005 Producing, touring and recording with “4 Way Street” (Sanctuary Records, BMG), Ben Arnold (Sony, Columbia, Ruffhouse, Sci-Fidelity, Ropeadope), Joseph Parsons (BlueRose Records, Meer Music), Jim Boggia with Aimee Mann (Blue Hammock) and many other regionally based bands in the U.S.A. and Europe. Session work with Graham Parker. Recorded theme to the Fox Network show “Clueless” with Ian Cross (Janet Jackson/Usher). 
 2005-Present  Relocate to France continuing to write and record music for international television, films, and commercials. Producing CD’s and touring with French artists; Jean-Pierre Arbon (with musicians from Gypsy Kings, Rita Matsuko), Marc Baca, Phillipe Barbot, H Bassam, China Moses, and The Ultimate Ambersons (with Herve Dalmais and Camille). Works as producer, engineer and session musician at Agrumes (Laurent Guerin), Melodium Studios and Studio Garage. Recording for Etienne Charry/Universal Publishing with Melodium's Nicolas Dufournet. Created music for 3 Children’s CD’s for Bingo Records (http://www.bingorecords.com). European and U.S.A. recording and touring as a solo performer, Recording and touring in Europe/U.S.A. with Joseph Parsons (BlueRose Records), Ben Arnold (Columbia, Sci-Fidelity, Ropeadope, Blue Rose) and US RAILS (Blue Rose). Played drums with Paul McCartney (yes the formal Beatle) on bass for Etienne Charry soundtrack featured in a Michel Gondry film adaptation of a Boris Vian novel.
     Over most of those years were many shows opening for many famous acts. All of whom influenced me in some way. Still much more to come. Stay tuned at scottbricklinmusic.com and hope to see you soon!